SpecTech Accounting

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SpecTech Accounting is a free and open source invoicing application. The project was started because we felt that many individuals and small businesses just need a app that can keep track of their clients, invoices & quotes as well as track payments. Many people can't afford expensive accounting packages like QuickBooks & Sage Pastel. Hence we started creating SpecTech Accounting!

The Idea behind SpecTech Accounting

The main idea behind the SpecTech Invoicing software is the creation of an application you host on your own server and use it for basic invoicing and client management.
The target groups are freelancers, self-employed workers and small to medium sized companies which need a reliable and easy to use invoicing system but who can't afford an expensive software. 


We want to:
- keep SpecTech Accounting a free and open source software.
- provide updates on a regular base.
- maintain a clean and hassle-free interface that is easy to learn and use.
- offer a lot of functions and features while trying not to overload the application.
- make configuration and customization as easy as possible.
- keep the requirements low so SpecTech Accounting can also be used within older environments.

How to get SpecTech Accounting

Visit our download page and download the archive from there.
Installation Instructions can be found on the Help page.
If you have problems installing or configuring the application, feel free to Contact Us

Want to try it first?

If you would like to try the accounting system first to see it live in action, please read the following

1. Please DO NOT change anything in the settings menu! Other customers would like to try this demo as well!
2. Create yourself as a CLIENT under the "CLIENTS" | ADD CLIENTS menu. Use your correct details as the system send you emails so you can see what your customers will see.
3. Once you are a CLIENT, go and Quote & Invoice yourself and see what your customers will see! Allocate payments ETC.
4. Have fun!

The demo is available here: if you would like to play around first! 

You will find the login details on the bottom of the login screen in red!

Instruction Manual

If you would like to have a instruction manual on how to operate our Accounting system, please read the manual here.




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